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Daria Magur

Senior Property Manager
T03 9510 1966
M0429 150 086

Daria’s working life has always seen her participate in a social structure, where customer needs are placed as first priority to gain prosperity within business.

This initially stemmed from her family owned reception centre and branched out into her own independent career paths, where focus remained to deliver a high quality of service to her clients. Her integrity, strong communications skills, duty of care and diplomatic understanding are virtues Daria implements to all undertakings, complimented by qualifications she holds in counselling and human resources, this and 10 years of service in the Real Estate sector, attest to Daria’s commitment towards owners and tenants alike, and cements Beller’s dedication to excellence.

Healthy living motivates Daria in her free time, as she fuels both body and mind with physical activity, whether it be through sport such as tennis and walking, whilst nurturing her spirit as she immerses herself in the arts by visiting the theatre and galleries, but all of this places runner up to her family and friends to which she prizes above all.

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