Investment Consulting

Beller offers specialised investment consulting to clients as part of the full circle service.

Complexities in the market today such as economic or strategic factors requires a perspective that takes all facets into account. Beller addresses this by systematically linking commercial, management, residential and project marketing together which results with all phases in the life cycle of a property to be covered, in turn enabling soundly based investment decisions to be reached. Our valued clients are benefitting from specialist investment advice which is adding wealth to existing portfolios.

Profitability/Feasibility analysis is a focal point of Beller. Such analysis forms the basis for the valuation and management of properties and for project development. Beller’s property advisory offer complete property analysis and research. Our property advice is provided by highly skilled advisers who have an exceptional market knowledge and an extensive resource network.

Beller service elements to determine the optimum use for your property includes:

  • Project Analysis – including configuration and recommendations for architect briefs and liaising with project consultant team.
  • Market Research – a vast understanding of current market conditions. To do this we conduct a detailed analysis including current market prices based on comparable sales, current finance implications and market conditions.
  • Valuation Advice –Our valuations are benchmarked against comparable developments in the area and provide a view on forecast sales rates, project staging and timing in consultation with appropriate valuation firms.
  • Feasibility – We develop a detailed feasibility analysis to test the financial viability of the proposed project. This includes gross realisation assessment, sales cost and development cost rental yields to test for development profit.

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