Trust Your Due Diligence

Posted 23rd August, 2018

Anyone who thinks that being a developer is an easy gig, needs to have a serious rethink, especially in a market like the one we find ourselves in right now.

Many wanna-be developers have been very successful over the past few years having been rewarded despite a lack of sound due diligence simply because they were in an upward market.

However, the time now is for those who really know their stuff. For the experienced operators out there, don’t be caught trying to “make” a project work. It’s in a market such as this that you have to absolutely trust your due diligence regardless of your desire for a site to stack up simply because they are few and far between.

Make no mistake, in this market seasoned developers are working multiple feasibilities at any given time just to find a site that actually works.

Never has an experienced development team showing a genuine point of difference backed by a strong track record of quality and professionalism been so critical to the success of a project. However, for the less experienced try not to be disheartened, for when you get one that is feasible there is a healthy market for a quality product, as long as you do as the experts do and trust the numbers.

The other influencer is, of course, the funding system. This will also help the proven developers as those without experience will struggle to obtain finance.

It’s not easy out there, but there are still a few diamonds in the rough if you look hard enough and use your due diligence to ensure you back the right horse.

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